Wrestlers from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Seattle
took part in this annual event that featured clinics on Freestyle rules, beginning & advanced wrestling techniques, and live matches
conducted under modified USAW/FILA procedures. For many, this
was their first exposure to real competition. As always, enough time
was set aside for locals and visitors to hang out and have fun in
San Francisco.
This year featured the return to competition by the re-formed Southern
California Wrestling Club from Los Angeles, the largest turnout in 10
years, and the largest number of wrestling lightweights (under 145lbs).
There were incredible matches by novices and some amazing upsets.
Unfortunately, time ran out before all finals matches were run.


Pool-A (118#-128#)
Justo Leon (LA) teched Rafael Rivera (Seattle) 11-0
Rafael Rivera (Seattle) WBF Erika Hom (SF)
Justo Leon (LA) dec. Erika Hom (SF) 6-0

Gold: Justo Leon (LA)
Rafael Rivera (SEA)
Erika Hom (SF) 

Pool-B (128#-152#)
Ron Ward (LA) dec. Erich Richter (SF) 16-6
[Richter Injury Defaults rest of matches]
Matt Carey (LA) WBF Dean Takehara (SF)
Ron Ward (LA) dec. Dean Takehara (SF) 11-4
Matt Carey (LA) dec. Ron Ward (LA) 11-0

Gold: Matt Carey (LA)
Ron Ward (LA) Bronze:
Dean Takehara (SF)

Pool-C (152#-168#)
Antonio D. Quirante (LA) WBF David Dodson (SF)
Johnny Almony (SF) teched Butch Bowen (SF) 11-0
Butch Bowen (SF) WBF David Dodson (SF)
Johnny Almony (SF) teched Ed Lindsay (NY) 11-0
Ed Lindsay (NY) dec. Butch Bowen (SF) 12-7
Johnny Almony (SF) WBF Antonio D. Quirante (LA)
Ed Lindsay (NY) dec. Antonio D. Quirante (LA) 17-7
Johnny Almony (SF) WBF David Dodson
Butch Bowen (SF) vs. Antonio D. Quirante (LA) [ time]

Gold: Johnny Almony (SF)
Ed Lindsay (NY)
Butch Bowen (SF)
             & Antonio D. Quirante (LA)

Pool-D (168#-188#)
Si Durney (SF) WBF Jim Provenzano (SF)
Phillip Whaley (Seattle) WBF Anthony Gordon (LA)
Si Durney (SF) WBF Juanito Pontejos (SF)
Philip Whaley (Seattle) dec. Chris Zarbo (SF) 7-1
Anthony Gordon (LA) WBF Jim Provenzano (SF)
Si Durney (SF) WBF Anthony Gordon (LA)
Phillip Whaley (Seattle) teched Juanito Pontejos (SF) 10-0
Chris Zarbo (SF) WBF Jim Provenzano (SF)
Si Durney (SF) dec. Chris Zarbo (SF) 6-1
Phillip Whaley (Seattle) vs. Si Durney (SF) [ time]
Phillip Whaley (Seattle) vs. Jim Provenzano (SF) [ time]
Jim Provenzano (SF) vs. Juanito Pontejos (SF) [ time]
Juanito Pontejos (SF) vs. Chris Zarbo (SF) [ time]
Anthony Gordon (LA) vs. Juanito Pontejos (SF) [ time]
Anthony Gordon (LA) vs. Chris Zarbo (SF) [ time]..
inconclusive results....

Gold: Si Durney (SF) & Phillip Whaley (Seattle)
Silver: Chris Zarbo (SF) & Anthony Gordon (LA)
Jim Provenzano (SF) & Juanito Pontejos (SF)

Pool-E (>188#)
John Thayer (LA) WBF Ross Schmidt (SF)
Brad Taylor (SF) dec. John Thayer (LA) 6-4
Calvin Malone (SF) teched John Thayer (LA) 10-0